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Dry skin needs deep-acting care that lasts for a long time. The Dove Body Love Body Milk rich care pampers dry skin and is just right for a soft, supple skin feeling - every day. The formula of the body milk for dry skin contains the ceramide build-up serum. This is a unique combination of ingredients that help skin produce essential ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier and retain its natural moisture. The Body Milk provides long-lasting care for up to 48 hours. The rich body milk provides the skin with deep and immediate moisture and makes it velvety soft and radiant. Moisturizing is especially important for dry skin. An ordinary body lotion is often not enough. Moisture can be lost when showering or bathing. The best effect is achieved if you massage the rich body cream for dry skin into the skin with circular movements right after showering or bathing – down to the fingertips. Apply body milk from feet up for instantly soft, supple skin. Stressed skin areas are happy about an extra portion of Dove Rich Care Body Milk! Dove is PETA certified and Dove skin care products carry the PETA-approved logo. At Dove we believe in body love. With the right care, we can give our bodies a little love at any time, regardless of how we feel about our skin. Dove supports women in developing the full potential of their individual beauty. We develop products that address the special needs of skin and hair. Because the principle of Dove is that only those who feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin through the right care can also radiate this.

- Contains a unique formula for moisture and deep care
- For daily use on dry skin
- Long-lasting moisture
- For a soft skin feeling