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Remington HC 5200 hair clipper in black/silver - for the perfect cut When it comes to cutting hair, men often have it easier than women. Especially if you wear a short haircut, an electric hair clipper is ideal for personal use at home. With the Remington HC 5200 hair clipper, cutting hair becomes a turbo experience. With this power device you get twice the power compared to its predecessor and a faster cutting speed. High-quality blades and an improved motor ensure an accurate cut. The blades do not have to be sharpened and can be made more precise with attachment combs. The Remington can be used in both mains and battery mode. Remington HC 5300 with improved motor The new, improved Pro Power motor of the Remington HC 5200 hair clipper works with the advanced cutting speed of 300 mm/s. High-quality blades are used for this. The blades are self-sharpening, eliminating the need for maintenance. Hair lengths from 3-42 mm with the Remington HC 5200 With the Remington HC 5200 hair trimmer you have the opportunity to set different hair lengths and thus get exactly the length that you like. With 2 adjustable attachment combs, the device allows you to set hair lengths from 3-42 mm. The Remington HC 5200 hair clipper can be used for haircuts in both battery and mains operation. The operating time is 40 minutes. As a special extra, a charge control display has been integrated.

HC5200 Pro Power Hair Clipper

Men love speed – and when it comes to cutting hair, everything should be done very quickly. Time for the powerful ProPower Hair Clipper HC5200.

Thanks to the ProPower motor, a fast cutting speed of 300 mm/s is possible. With the 2 adjustable attachment combs, hair lengths can be adjusted from 3 to 42 mm.

Get ready for unlimited power.

  • High quality, self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • ProPower motor with 300 mm/s cutting speed
  • 2 adjustable attachment combs (3-42 mm)
  • Mains/battery operation, up to 40 minutes operating time, 16 hours charging time
  • LED charge indicator

Remington HC5200 Pro Power Haarschneider

Remington HC5200 Pro Power hair clipper

Pro Power cutting system
Improved Pro Power motor with 300 mm/s cutting speed.


High quality steel blades

The high-quality steel blades are self-sharpening - no more re-sharpening necessary.


LED charge indicator

Shows when the battery needs to be charged or is fully charged.


Two adjustable attachment combs

In addition, two attachment combs for different hair cutting lengths (3 - 42 mm) are included.