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"Salt stick" with swing. Mr. Knabbits pretzels with their unmistakable shape are wonderfully crunchy and popular with all fans of salty snacks. Once you grab this pretzel with the typical salty seasoning, you won't want to stop. Here you get the full load of pretzel fun for every snack opportunity.

Ingredients: 88% WHEAT FLOUR, palm oil, 5% salt, malt extract (WHEAT), yeast, antioxidant: SODIUM METABISULPHITE; Raising agents (sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate), acidity regulator: sodium hydroxide.

Nutritional values: based on 100g

Energy / calorific value in kJ 1708kJ

Energy calorific value in kcal 408 kcal

Fat 8.4 of which 5.8g saturated fat

Carbohydrates: 72g of which 5.4g sugar

Carbohydrates 72g of which sugar 5.4g

dietary fiber 3.2g

protein 11g

salt 5g

Sodium 2g