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When using Old Spice, most women are left with no choice but to feel a tingle and accept that science has no explanation for the butterflies in their stomachs. Old Spice offers a wide range of fragrances for men who lead dynamic and unconventional lives. Discover how to smell good today and use Old Spice Captain Aftershave Lotion after shaving for a masculine scent that invigorates and refreshes. For guys with a quick mind.

- The fantastic smell of Old Spice makes us unforgettable, we practically become the center of the universe
- The Old Spice Aftershave Lotion is antiseptic and helps heal small cuts and injuries
- Fade-Resistant-Technology for an unforgettable fragrance. Over and over again
- The Old Spice Aftershave Lotion cools, invigorates and refreshes