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mountain climbing, camping or are simply looking for a good multi-functional EDC-kit, with this Victorinox Expedition-Kit you will be prepared for anything!

Most important tools

  • Sharpening stone

A practical sharpening stone with a flat and semi-round side. The flat side is perfect if you quickly want to sharpen your blade. With the round side you can easily sharpen serrated knives or knives enhanced with a curve in the blade.

  • Multi-functional compass-ruler

A solid plastic ruler with centimeter and inch indication, compass, level, magnifying glass and a thermometer with a Celsius and Fahrenheit indication.

  • Victorinox Traveller Lite

The Victorinox Traveller Lite is the perfect companion. This knife (almost) has it all. In addition to a couple of traditional tools the Traveller has been enhanced with a display. On it you can read the time, temperature and air pressure. With 29 functions in total, including a LED-light, scissors, pen, Philips head screwdriver and awl this pocket knife is incredibly versatile.

This Victorinox Traveller Lite Expedition-Kit comes in a stunning leather case for on a belt or backpack. As such you can always take this versatile Expedition-Kit with you, no matter where you are!


- Leather belt pouch
- Ruler (cm)
- Ruler (inch)
- Compass
- Spirit level
- magnifying lens
- Thermometer
- Grindstone
- Knife with a set of 33 functions:
- big blade
- small blade
- Corkscrew
- can opener
- Small screwdriver 3 mm
- Bottle opener with:
- Screwdriver
- Stripping tool
- Shilo, punch
- Key ring
- Tweezers
- Toothpick
- Scissors
- Multipurpose hook
- Nail file
- Ball pen
- Pin
- mini screwdriver
- Digital clock, 12-24 s:
- Alarm clock
- Countdown
- Timer
- Altimeter
- barometer
- Thermometer
- White LED
- Wood saw
- Hacksaw for metal
- Metal file / nail file
- Nail care tool
- Chisel
- Screwdriver 2.5 mm