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WMF Wok 28 cm with glass lid: Your practical kitchen helper for stir-frying, roasting, deep-frying and more

This wok from WMF has a diameter of 28 cm. The deep, semi-circular shape distributes the heat optimally in the pan so that you can cook your ingredients evenly. The best-known cooking method in the wok is what is known as stir-frying: pieces of meat and/or vegetables are briefly seared while stirring constantly. You can also use your WMF wok for braising, roasting, frying and blanching.

Dishes from the wok are low in fat and rich in vitamins

It is not without reason that Asian cuisine is so popular with us: curry, chop suey and co. are not only delicious, but also very healthy! In your WMF wok, you can fry vegetables and meat with very little fat by adding a little oil. Knew? With classic stir-frying, all the ingredients remain al dente, which means that many valuable vitamins and nutrients are retained.

This WMF wok was made from Cromargan ®, a polished, rustproof stainless steel that consists of 18 percent chrome and ten percent nickel. The modern TransTherm® universal base is suitable for all types of cookers – including induction. The lid of this wok set is made of heat-resistant high-quality glass, so that you can cook comfortably with the lid closed. By the way: The handles are hollow and don't get warm - even if it's hot inside the wok...

Easy cleaning of your WMF wok

After use, you can simply put the wok and the glass lid in the dishwasher. Because not only cooking in the wok works quickly and easily - cleaning too!

For how many people is this WMF wok suitable?

With a diameter of 28 cm, this wok is one of the medium-sized models from the WMF brand. It is suitable for delicious Asian dishes for four to six people.

Suitable for all types of stoves, including induction.

- WMF Wok Party 28 cm with glass lid
- Cromargan®, stainless steel 18/10, polished
- Diameter: 28cm
- TransTherm® universal base for all types of cookers - including induction
- dishwasher safe