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Yum Yum brand noodles are among the most popular instant noodles and have established themselves in more than 40 countries. The noodles are ideal as a snack in the office, at home or on the go. The Thai duck flavored noodles are hearty, delicious and filling. Simply fill with water, add the enclosed spice mixture and after waiting three minutes taste the Yum Yum Duck Flavored Instant Noodles. Variation Tip: After draining the water, add the seasoning mix and roast duck and enjoy the distinctive flavor of Yum Yum Duck Flavored Instant Noodles as a full meal.


WHEAT flour, palm oil (contains antioxidants: E319, E320), tapioca starch, salt, cabbage, garlic, flavor enhancers: E621, E631, E627, sugar, chili, pepper, star anise, ginger, cinnamon, glucose syrup, SOY sauce powder (SOY beans, WHEAT, Glucose syrup, maltodextrin, coloring: E150c, acid: E330), acidity regulators: E500, E452, E451, acid: E296, coloring: E150c, flavoring, thickener: E466, yeast extract.