Our mission is simple

Due to our experience in the maritime business we equipped HARBOR SHOP with a wide range of internationally known brands and many quality products made in Germany - and know how to satisfy the shopping needs of today´s seaman.
For almost 10 years, the Harbor Shop Hamburg has been an integral part of the port of Hamburg and an important meeting point for seafarers from all over the world. Our location was always a popular place for seafarers of all countries and cultures until the beginning of 2020. But then the world overran the pandemic. A lot has changed since then also for us and that to this day. Seafarers were no longer allowed to leave their ships. Terminals and gates were closed. Lockdowns prevented us from doing business. To this day this condition continues as far as possible but it is no reason to give up! On the contrary it is the reason for something NEW! 
From now on we offer our range exclusively online! We are proud to be able to present the new "Seaman's Exclusive" online shop www.harborshop.de and look forward to the future of HARBOR SHOP!