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Axe shaving water Dark Temptation to enjoy life to the fullest, that's always the goal. Completely unstopped, what you really want to, without a bad conscience and without inhibitions. We enjoy more freedoms today than ever before and can experience up close that good taste is always attractive. The scent of Axe shaving water was created for men with taste, by the way, it is the most successful fragrance ever. The shave water combines revitalising care after shaving with a male fragrance, discovered by the best fragrance experts in the world. Even as a classic shave, AXE Dark Temptation refreshes its wearer so effectively that they can concentrate fully on what they want to. The sensual distinctive fragrance is built in an intense ratio between masculine spice and captivating sweetness. In the basic note there are hot chocolate, amber and patchouli with nuances of cherry, whipped cream, pepper and ginger. Coriander, black basil and sage complete the fragrance and complete the enjoyment. A few splashes are enough. The skin feels comfortable after shaving and the wearer feels comfortable in his skin. Axe Dark Temptation shaving water is the revitalising shaving water with the sensational fragrance that invites you to enjoy life to the fullest. AXE Shaving Water - FIND YOUR MAGIC.

- Ax shaving water - a fragrance that accompanies you all day
- Shaving water with a seductively attractive fragrance
- Moisturizes and nourishes the skin after shaving
- Gives the wearer a long-lasting fresh fragrance
- As irresistible as chocolate