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Sanding Sheet Wood & Paint C430 / 240 Grit

The C430 Expert for Wood and Paint provides an exceptionally long lifetime when sanding wood, veneer and solid surfaces. Furthermore, its electrostatic open-coated surface with space between the grits ensures consistent dust removal, preventing sheet clogging. The tough abrasive grit is resistant to wear, allowing for extended and repeated use. This product is intended for the keying and sanding of paint, varnish, filler, primer and wood-based materials, and is suitable for intermediate sanding of varnish on surfaces. It is also suitable for sanding after wetting on certain materials as well as smoothing out feather edges. The C430 Expert for Wood and Paint sanding sheet is compatible with orbital sanders. Fully synthetic resin-bonded grit for durability. Highly flexible C-/B- paper backing allows folding without cracks.

  • Sandpaper Type: Sanding Sheet
  • Grit Size: 240
  • Grade: Medium
  • Length: 186 mm
  • Width: 93 mm
  • Quantity per pack: 10 pcs.