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Bosch 103 pcs. Titanium drill and driver bit set ... Well equipped for practically every task.

The powerful 103-piece titanium drill and screwdriver set stands for precise, clean drilling in metal, stone and wood as well as high-quality screwdriver bits and socket wrenches for the most common screw head shapes.

Including hole saws and flat milling drills for easy drilling of e.g. cable ducts or recesses for sockets. The center drill that is also supplied ensures that the drill is applied with pinpoint accuracy and also serves as a guide - this means that the hole saw attachment cannot jam in the material so easily.

The twist drills with titanium nitride coating are characterized by a long service life and high resilience and enable fast, clean drilling in a wide variety of metals, plexiglass and plastics (not suitable for aluminum).

Durable, carbide-tipped masonry bits for use in impact drills.

Standard wood drill for clean, precise holes in soft and hard wood.

The use of coolant is recommended for twist drills, e.g. Bosch universal cutting oil 2 607 001 409.

Suitable for all drills in hand-held and stationary use with cylindrical shank systems as well as drill drivers and screwdrivers. Not suitable for use in SDS socket systems.