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Full automatic Illuminator
Enable this function, and the watch will automatically light up its display when you turn your wrist. Energy saving: the full automatic illuminator only works in the dark.

Shock resistant
A so called shock resistant construction protects the watch against shocks and vibrations.

Resistant to extreme cold
Even at temperatures as low as -20° C, this watch takes no damage.

Display flasher
A LED light flashes as soon as an alarm clock, a countdown timer or the hour signal is activated.

World time
The largest cities in the world are pre-programmed in this watch, so select current city (or the one closest to you - in the same time zone) and the watch will automatically show the correct time.

2 x stopwatch function - 1/100 sec. - >1000 hours.
Time is measured down to 1/100 of a second, with a capacity of 1000 hours. This watch has two of those stopwatch functions.

Yacht timer
Yacht Timer is used, for example, at the start of regattas. The countdown can be set from 1 to 10 minutes. For every minute that goes, an acoustic signal sounds, and for the last ten seconds, the watch will make a sound every second.

Timer – 1/1 min – 24 timer (with auto repeat)
Useful general information: Countdown hour can provide reminders for special or repeating events. The hours are also counted back automatically from the defined time. The time can be set in second intervals up to 100 hours in advance. Therefore this function is especially useful in for daily intake of medicine/treatment or for interval workout.

5 Multi-alarm
This watch has 5 separate multifunction alarms. One of them are the traditional snooze. There are four other types, to remind you about your important events:
1. Daily alarm, activated every day at the same time.
2. Date alarm, for reminding you about birthdays and such reoccuring events.
3. Monthly alarms, activated on the same day, every month.
4. Alarm for every day in one month.

Snooze function
You can pause the alarm, and it will be reactivated after a few minutes.

Keyboard sounds on/off
The keyboard sound can be deactivated. This does not affect any other functions of the watch, like alarms, timers, reminders.

The watch automatically adjust for different months different lengths, and for leap years.

12/24-hour timing
The time can be specified either in a 12 hour (AM/PM) or in a 24 hour format.

Mineral crystal
This, very durable, mineral crystal has improved protection.

Water protection: 200 meter (20 bar)
This watch can be worn while swimming/snorkeling (near the surface). The value refers to the pressure in water, at that depth, while motionless... and should not be seen as the depth for wearing the watch.


Diameter 50 mm
Case depth 17 mm
Modelnumber GLS-6900-1ER
EAN 4549526135132
Brand Casio
Gender Men
Strap type Rubber
Strap color Black, Grey
Strap width 22 mm
Band length 13-23 cm
Clasp Type Strap buckle
Case material Resin
Case color Black
Color of dial Black, LCD/LED
Glass Mineral
Date display Yes
Water resistance 20 atm (snorkling)
Movement Digital