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Gillette Blue II Plus Disposable Razors are a practical twin-blade option to carry with you wherever you go. In fact, its blades are chromium-coated and particularly long-lasting so you don't have to discard them as often. Despite their static heads, these also offer a smooth/comforting shave and feature a reliable lubrication strip. Thus, each stroke moisturizes deeply, softening facial hair as well as sensitive skin. In order to achieve optimal results, pair these with the Gillette Series shaving foams, gels, or creams, avoiding irritation/burning. Moreover, remember to be as gentle as ever when moving the blades from the cheekbone to the jawline area. Therefore, you'll be able to take advantage of the extra resilient nature of these blades which tend to last for eight to 10 comfortable shaves each. Finally, the handle has rubber incorporated and Easy Grip® qualities for greater control in each stroke! 


  • Contains: six razors;
  • Razors per blade head: two;
  • Blade head features: chromium-coated fixed and long-lasting twin blades, lubrication strip;
  • Handle features: Easy Grip®;
  • Shaves per razor: up to 10;
  • Disposable.

How to use

Before using the Gillette Blue II Plus Disposable Razors, cleanse the face and apply your preferred shaving foam. Then, move the razor from the cheekbones to the jawline and chin sections, letting the tool's pivoting head do the work. Afterward, wash the blades under running water to remove clogged hairs. Move the razor continuously from front to back, catching each hair. Finally, let it dry naturally.