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Gizeh Slim Filter Aktivkohle 6 mm

The GIZEH activated carbon filters are screw-in filters with a diameter of 6 mm. The natural activated carbon in this triple filter with chamber system ensures a gentler aroma. The filters are packed in packs of 120 in a bag with a resealable zip fastener. The filters can also be removed individually via the practical dispenser hole.

Since July 2021, screw-in filters and filter sleeves, among other things, have to be marked with a Europe-wide, uniform symbol due to a new EU directive for single-use plastic. Consumers should be made aware that they should dispose of filters properly in the residual waste bin and not carelessly in the environment. Nothing has changed in the specification and high quality of this product.

What does the Gizeh Slim Filter activated carbon with a diameter of 6 mm filter?

The cigarette filters are made of cellulose acetate, which is mainly processed from textile fibers and fabrics. The largest area of application for cellulose is intended for the manufacture of cigarette filters. This slim filter with carbon from Gizeh mainly filters harmful substances such as tar, condensate or nicotine. But the tobacco is also held in place and does not fall into the mouth.