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Trading Gold »Tropical« No. 190 - Caribbean notes of coconut and a seductive sweetness provide variety and extraordinary taste experiences.

When the first Handelsgold packaging was printed in Bünde, Westphalia, the founding brothers André could never have dreamed that this would become the most successful cigar brand in the world. A brand like the German post-war miracle. Created from nothing and already on everyone's lips in a short time. From everyone to Heuss and Churchill. The boom cigar, made in Germany since 1946. Democracy to smoke.

Trading gold is brand quality at fair prices. The idea of trade gold is as simple as it is impressive and it has endured - since 1946: brand quality for everyone, at prices for everyone. An honest cigar that says what it costs right from the start. Commercial Gold No. 10, 10 Pfennig. Commercial gold no. 15, 15 pfennigs and the legendary 100K, the king's format, for 100 pfennigs.

Handelsgold is a successful idea that hits people's tastes and hearts right from the start and has sold more than 15 billion copies worldwide to date. Trading gold today:
Always good. And always cheap.

Today, the pfennig has become the cent and the deutschmark has become the euro. And trade gold is still trade gold. Branded cigars for everyone and every taste. At prices that everyone can afford. For example, 5 Handelsgold Sweet brands cigarillos for 1.10 euros. committed to tradition. And even if the products are called vanilla, cherry or classic today - instead of their price - commercial gold remains what it always was: commercial gold.

Shape: cigarillo
Length: 98mm
Diameter: 11.3mm
Smoking time: 5 to 10 minutes
Packaging: 5 pieces = pack