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IronMaxx Diet Booster Capsules help to reduce weight effectively. In diet or definition phases it is particularly difficult to do without carbohydrates, so that the last fat deposits are usually very difficult to get rid of. Poor or even the wrong diet can also lead to a loss of performance or concentration, which would be particularly disadvantageous for competitive athletes. So if you are looking for the best support for these difficult times, the Diet Booster capsules are just the thing. The 7-component formula, which contains highly functional herbal extracts, provides you with optimal support in reducing your weight by significantly boosting your fat metabolism.

The capsules also contain the mineral chromium. Chromium promotes health by contributing to normal macronutrient metabolism and also helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.

The most important facts at a glance

- Effective Diet Booster Capsules
- Optimal support for diet or definition phases
- Boosts fat burning
- Contained chromium promotes health

Who is Diet Booster recommended for?

The IronMaxx Diet Booster capsules are recommended for everyone who is looking for the ideal support for diet phases. The special 7-component formula boosts fat burning and helps you to quickly achieve your desired goals.


Garcinia cambogia extract, fenugreek extract, white kidney bean extract, L-tyrosine, beef gelatine (capsule), bitter melon extract, cinnamon extract, release agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide), coloring (E 171, E 172, E 102*), chromium picolinate. *May affect children's activity and attention.

May contain traces of soy, milk, gluten and egg.