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Over one and a half centuries Jack Daniels whiskey (Jack Daniels) is created by old technology, while maintaining individual style and with constant fidelity to the motto of its founding father of Jack Daniel's, "Every day, until we do, we will do it as best as we we can. Special mild flavor and aroma to this whiskey gives: pure spring water; fermentation on sour mash; unique way of filtering through a three-meter layer of compacted coal made from sugar maple; aging in American oak barrels.
This tudoemky and expensive process distinguishes American whiskey Jack Daniels bourbon from the usual Jack Daniels whiskey has won numerous awards. The first of these was the gold medal at the World's Fair in St. Louis in 1904.


Noble amber color.


Characterized by mild flavor combines caramel-vanilla and woody notes. Light taste of smoke.


The aroma of whiskey fairly easy and smooth with a pleasant sweetness in it, you can find hints of spices, nuts, oily, smoky nuances.


Jack Daniels whiskey drink neat cubes lda.Mozhno add soda or just water. Appropriate selection of cocktails.