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Herbal liqueur, 35% vol - 0,04l

Your original from Wolfenbüttel!
Elixir, cold macerated from 56 herbs, stored in oak barrels.
Perfect drinking pleasure as an ice-cold shot.
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Jägermeister is considered Germany's most famous export spirit. A total of 56 herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits determine the intense taste of this unique herbal liqueur. The key to the legendary Jägermeister taste are various macerates, obtained gently and cold, which are extracted from dry mixtures of the ingredients and combined to form a deep-dark base material. This then matures for a year in wooden barrels before it is enriched with water, alcohol, caramel and liquid sugar by the master distillers. Good taste takes time.

More about Jagermeister

  • Enjoy pure and ice cold at -18°
  • Mysterious recipe from natural ingredients
  • Made from herbs, flowers, roots and fruits from all over the world
  • A total of 383 quality controls during the manufacturing process
  • Leading spirit in quality and purity
  • Sale only to persons over the age of 18
  • Product details Jägermeister 35% Vol., herbal liqueur
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dark place.