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KAMPFSTAHL brand facts

  • We are the first and one and only brand that supplies steels for the “Sabong” industry worldwide
  • Each product is especially developed, constructed and produced for Tari knifes - nothing else
  • Our mixed components in melting processes are focused and based on our customer needs
  • Latest german hardening technologies provides our products the best HRC results for every product individually
  • All our steel products are 100% “Made in Germany” – from the very first beginning until the end
  • Headquarter of the company is Hamburg/Germany

Why are we better then any other steel?

We are focusing on the final product needs which are actually Tari knifes for the international cockfight industry. All other metals that have been used so far are not for the usage that this industry needs. If it is a circular sawblade, pieces of cars or planes or even empty bullets. Non of those metals has ever been produced for tari knife productions. Even other kinds of knife steels (for example steels for kitchen or pocket knifes) are not focusing on the requirements of how a Tari blade has to be. These materials got their own strength in their own usage but not as being a tari knife.

Steel technology is a science and it is very important to find the right solutions for strength, toughness, flexibility and patience in one product. The key of KAMPFSTAHL is finding mixtures in between all those facts for the perfect final results. KAMPFSTAHL is exactly this brand which is focusing on Sabongero´s needs.

Our costumers are often focusing only on one strength: toughness, strength, flexibility, long life or not being brittle. We are asking: why not all of those facts combined in one product? This is what KAMPFSTAHL stands for. A very close comparison for that: The best chefs in our world are not focusing on who is presenting the biggest piece of meat. Everybody is just focused on finding the perfect mixture of components to bring out the best meal. That's kind of similar to our metal composing!



  • This steel is based on a german DMo5 Tungsten-Molybdenum high speed steel with a high percentage of cobalt and molybdenum
  • Similar materials are also used for circular saw blades but our chemical composition, hardening and coating is absolutely different and is much better for blades and specially tari usage.
  • SAVAGE STRIKER steel is already hardened/heat treated at 64 to 66 HRC
  • The product is available in 2,50 mm  and 2,00 mm thickness
  • SAVAGE STRIKER HSS material is extremely tough, resistent and attains a good flexibility by keeping its alignment
  • A burnished finishing gives SAVAGE STRIKER an extra toughness which you will never find on any other materials that is used for tari steels