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  • for cleaning, moistening and care for a dry nose
  • without preservative substances
  • moisturizing
  • with sea salt solution made from 100% natural sea salt
  • with dexpanthenol
Mivolis sea water nasal spray sensitive made from sea salt solution and dexpanthenol is used to moisten, care for and clean the nasal mucosa in dry air and in heated and air-conditioned rooms, thus preventing a dry nose. It can also be used to support the treatment of colds, allergic rhinitis, hay fever and a sore nose. The ingredients contained give sensitive noses the moisture they need and support mucous membrane regeneration. Dexpanthenol therefore cares for and regenerates the sensitive nasal mucosa. The nose can breathe again and cleaning the nose, e.g. by blowing the nose, is made easier. Without getting used to it. Mivolis sea water nasal spray sensitive is free of preservatives and alcohol.