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Vitamin B12 injection:

help in case of shortage

If your doctor already diagnoses a severe vitamin B12 deficiency in you, one thing is particularly important: compensate for the vitamin deficit in order to alleviate deficiency symptoms and stop health consequences. That is why the body has to be supplied quickly with a high dose of the nutrient - with vitamin B12 injections directly into the vein, the muscle or under the skin. The therapy should be carried out by a doctor. B12 Ankermann® Injekt is suitable for this.

The advantages of B12 Ankermann® Injekt
at a glance

  • Therapy in the presence of a severe vitamin B12 deficiency or neurological deficiency symptoms or pernicious anemia as the cause of the deficiency
  • High-dose vitamin B12 injection (1,000 micrograms of the active ingredient cyanocobalamin per ampoule)
  • rapid availability of the vitamin by injecting the injection solution (into the bloodstream, into the muscle or under the skin)
  • gluten-free, lactose-free, free from animal ingredients
  • prescription-free – vitamin B12 injection available in pharmacies

How the vitamin B12 injections can help you

B12 Ankermann® Inject is particularly suitable for those patients who suffer from severe vitamin B12 deficiency: The injection can quickly increase the concentration of the nutrient in the blood and helps to compensate for the deficit quickly.

After giving vitamin B12 with shots, your doctor may decide to switch to pills depending on your vitamin B12 levels and your symptoms. B12 Ankermann® tablets with 1,000 micrograms of vitamin B12 can be suitable for this – for a long-term effect.