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Introducing WMF Ant-Odour Soap, a revolutionary stainless steel cleaning solution that eliminates odours as easily as it removes dirt and grease! This soap not only has the strength to tackle tough odours, but also the power to restore your kitchen surfaces to their former sparkling glory. Try it today and experience its remarkable scent-free cleaning power!

  • Contents: 1x stainless steel soap (height 7 cm, Ø 4.5 cm) - item number: 0605796030
  • Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10, polished - indestructible, easy-care, durable, dishwasher-safe
  • The anti-odour soap is ideal for effectively, gently and skin-friendly removing unpleasant kitchen odors (e.g. onions, fish, garlic, cheese, vinegar, petrol and much more) from your hands
  • The hands are rubbed with the soap under running water for about 20 seconds, any odors are neutralized immediately. You do not need any additional chemicals or cleaning additives
  • The stainless steel piece lies comfortably in the hand, all edges are rounded and after use it can be easily stowed away in the kitchen drawer