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Mares Fluida Fins

Full foot fin with OPB system to make flipping more efficient. Soft and comfortable fin made of high quality and durable materials. This model is easy to carry and the design is light and efficient. The perfect model for anyone who enjoys snorkeling with a fin that facilitates flipping without excessive effort.

The Fluida snorkel fins have an ultra-comfortable closed foot pocket. This Mares fin model is a true lightweight, which ensures efficient performance in the water without wasting energy. The Fluida snorkel fins have a comfortable closed foot pocket that keeps the foot secure and facilitates movement. The fin stroke is optimized by the unique, weight-saving OPB technology: The result is an efficient movement with very little effort. Fluida snorkel fins are the result of a combination of design and great technology: With this model you are well equipped for every snorkeling adventure. High-quality materials ensure a durable and robust product.

The main features that make the Fluida fin ideal for all diving adventures are:

  • Closed snorkel fin
  • Ultra comfortable foot pocket
  • Design and engineering for good performance
  • Weight-saving OPB technology that makes the fin light and efficient
  • Durable robust materials

The fin is available in the colors blue and yellow. How to use Fluida snorkel fins:

  • The fins allow for easy locomotion in the water, whether on the surface or underwater.
  • Only wear your fins when you are in the water or immediately before diving from the boat. Don't wear fins to get out of the water. When in the water, only walk backwards to avoid tripping.
  • Wet your feet and fins to improve fit.
  • Turn the heel of the foot part inside out and return it to its original position after inserting the foot.


Optimierte Blattwinkelstellung

Optimized blade angle position The OPB patent ensures that the blade flexes at an optimal angle during all phases of the fin stroke, while traditional fins only achieve this in a small part of the movement. The OPB system creates constant propulsion, resulting in a smoother movement and the diver glides effortlessly through the water.
Fin length: 35cm / 13.7in