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Sneaky Eraser cleaning kit

Give your shoes the best care with the Sneaky Eraser cleaning set. The first-class dry cleaning and care kit removes dirt and stains from shoes.

The set is primarily intended for cleaning suede, nubuck and rubber soles, as well as handling the toe of the shoe. The set consists of crystalline rubber, which handles suede and nubuck fibers, and a brush with bristles, which restores suede and nubuck to the condition in which you bought the shoe. The white rubber sole is prone to soiling after a few uses, and that is why you need Sneaky Eraser.

About the Sneaky brand

The year was 2013, it was a dry English winter and two sneakers lovers from Britain decided to patch the hole in the market for shoe cleaning products. Original Sneaky brand was born, which offers the best for complete care of shoes and at an affordable price.

The first product became cleaning wipes, but after that it went quite quickly: impregnation spray, protective spray, cleaning set with a brush, cleaning foam, freshener... Simply a whole range of products focused on complete care of shoes.