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Southern Comfort was born in 1874 in New Orleans by Irish bartender Martin Wilkes Heron. For several years a neutral alcohol with whiskey aroma was used for it, but since 2013 an American Whiskey can be found again in the popular whiskey liqueur - the best conditions to enrich our assortment, or not? Let yourself be spoiled by this piece of southern history and look forward to a rich taste with this classic of the American drinking culture!

High quality American Whiskey meets sweeteners and aromas of peaches, oranges, cinnamon, vanilla and dark chocolate. High pleasure is pre-programmed, because the rich 35% alcohol transport every single nuance of this drop excellently. Already after opening the bottle you reach mild and spicy notes of oranges and honey. In the mouth a complexity of vanilla, caramelized fruit and ripe peaches is revealed. Citrus and cinnamon determine the finish, which is long lasting with sweet nuances of honey and vanilla.