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The electrode welding machine S-MMA 180.IGBT from the Stamos Germany Basic series offers modern, powerful welding technology with its IGBT technology. The MMA welding device is ready for use in wind and weather and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Thanks to its compact design, it is not only at home in the workshop and in the metalworking industry. It is also ideal for mobile use for repairs and renovations.

With an adjustable welding current of between 20 and 180 amps, the welding machine offers convincing performance data for a large number of different welding jobs. The current can be infinitely adjusted using a rotary control as required. The peak value of 180 amperes can be used with a duty cycle of 60 percent. At 100 percent duty cycle, the welding current is still a high 139 amps.

Hot Start: The integrated hot-start function ensures first-class quality of the weld seams right from the start. When the arc is ignited, the voltage is briefly increased and the optimal working temperature is thus reached immediately. In this way, the electrode cannot stick to the workpiece. The electrode holder takes electrodes with a diameter between 1.6 and 4 millimeters.

Compact: The flawless performance data of the welding machine makes it interesting for both industrial production and commercial metal processing in metalworking shops, car workshops and many other companies. The compact design combined with the low net weight always offers advantages when welding is to be carried out on construction sites or during assembly. The device can easily be operated wherever there is a suitable 230 volt connection.

The wide power range makes the welding machine interesting for work on a wide variety of metals. Iron and steel of the most diverse alloys can be joined together just as permanently as cast iron, nickel and copper alloys. The thickness of the materials can be between 1.5 and 7 millimeters.


As the successor to the Mosfet devices, IGBT technology guarantees modern power electronics. It combines excellent switching properties with robustness and durability. The device is equipped with overheating protection so that the electronics are not damaged even during peak loads. A clearly visible LED indicates overheating and other malfunctions. To prevent temperature problems from occurring in the first place, there is fan cooling in the housing.

Technical details

- powerful welding performance at 180 A and 60% duty cycle

- modern IGBT inverter

- first-class welding results thanks to Hot Start

- compact and robust design with carrying handle

- overheating protection with LED

- Runs on 50/60HZ