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WaterWoman is a sex toy for men - An artificial vagina to be filled with hot water

Content: 5 pieces WaterWoman - WaterGlide - Instructions for use

WaterWoman Description

WaterWoman is a sex toy for men, produced of eco-friendly polyethylen. WaterWoman is an artificial vagina to be filled with hot water (at 37°) therefore giving you a very realistic feeling.  

WaterWoman should only be used once and thrown away after use, making it a very hygienic product.

WaterWoman is patented and produced in Denmark by Dansex Production ApS.

Directions for use

1. Open up WaterWoman

2. Pour a very small amount of WaterGlide into the "vagina", around 2 ml. or 1 teaspoon 

3. Make sure that the lube completely lubricates the entire inside of the "vagina", you can eventually use 2 fingers to press down

4. Turn WaterWoman upside down and fill gently with water approx. 37° and let the water flow slowly to avoid creating air bubbles in the bag!

5. Place some WaterGlide on your penis and you are ready for a wonderful experience!

After use, puncture, empty and thrown away the bag (try not to use the toilet for this!)